• Using Kratom For Pain Relief

    These days, people have grown awake to the negative ramifications that come from prescription painkillers. Yet, there are many people taking painkillers even after that lot of knowledge.


    Pain can affect many aspects in our lives. You may find that your pain is limited what you can and cannot do for fun, or you may have to switch a job because of your pain.


    The American Academy of Pain Medicine says that 17 percent of people today switch jobs because their pain was too much.


    However, there may be an-all natural and much safer answer for you and your pain. Many people are turning to alternative forms of medicine because of the side effects of painkillers. And one of those alternative forms is called, Kratom.


    How Kratom Works On Pain?


    Kratom has what is called alkaloids. Alkaloids such as 7-Hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine are two all natural compounds that work with your opiate receptors. It is your opiate receptors that work in blocking out pain.


    The three main opiate receptors are Delta, Kappa, and Mu. They respond once the two alkaloids above signal them. Through this signaling, your Enkephalins and Endorphins are activated. The message is clear, suppress the pain.


    Green Malay Kratom


    Green Malay can come in either kratom capsules or powder and most Kratom vendors carry this strain. Green Malay Kratom is good for managing pain if you want to use it for moderate use. It’s not as sedating as other strains of Kratom and offers a Kratom effect of calm and soothing. This will help with pain but not interfere with your energy levels.


    Borneo or Bali


    Both blends offer less of a sedative function than a traditional painkiller would, but is one of the more sedative Kratom strains around. Bali Kratom has a higher concentration of alkaloids than your Green Malay strain. Bali and Borneo red vein Kratom have been found to be best for severe or recurrent pain.


    The Red Bali strain can serve as a mild sedation if you’re worried about sedative Kratom effects.


    Maeng Da


    You may be aware that Maeng Da is one of the more sought after strains of Kratom. That’s because of the high alkaloid count. It’s been found to be a strong and longer lasting strain, that can produce a clean stimulating effect without the discomfort or sweating.




    Everyone is different. If you take Kratom capsules you’ll want to make sure you pay attention to the guidelines on the bottle.



    For Red Bali, start off with a recommended dose of 2 grams. If you have a higher tolerance then it’s fine to jump up to 6 grams. This will all depend on weight, height, and age. Plus your threshold and tolerance levels.


    Kratom has shown to be effective on joint pain, back pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other chronic pain issues.


    Where to buy Kratom?


    If you are ready to give Kratom a try, you can always go online and find a Kratom vendor that offers a variety of strain. It’s important to research and read about those strains, as certain types are better suited for different reason. One good online vendor is Happy Hippo Herbals.


    Final Words


    According to the Science Daily, chronic pain costs the U.S. economy as much as $635 billion annually. Half of the population is living in chronic pain, but it’s not necessary if you can find a solution that is both healthy and safe.



    Painkillers come with plenty of luggage. That luggage has checked out to be quite costly and fatal. If you are all set with the chances of addiction and negative effects that painkillers can have on your body, then using Kratom for pain may be a viable solution for you.